Getting the “Works”

A ride in the car yesterday was a bit smelly.  Dexter, Comet and I rode to the park as we normally do on Saturday mornings.  By the time we left, it was already getting very warm outside so I rolled up the windows.  Before I started the A/C, I noted a slight “aroma”, but with the A/C on I didn’t think much about it.   But having to clean the dust and dog hair off my interior, I tried to get them in to the groomer yesterday.

Between their morning walk today and my departure for church, I had an appointment for both of the critters to get bathed at our neighborhood  “CAT N DOGGIE WORKS” groomers.  It’s only been a couple years that I use a groomer.  In years past I would take a hose and doggie shampoo and water the plants at the same time I washed the dog.  But that was always coming back inside with soaking clothes that smelled less like soap and more like wet dog.  Like the advice my wife gave me to quit cutting my own hair or using military barbers,  I decided a few dollars a month for clean dogs was well worth the trouble of doing a halfway decent jov – at best – myself.

But this “works” is  a great place and I am supporting local business.  Laid-back cats roam freely inside the shop.  One is an older Persian which each time I bring the guys,  he is sitting on the counter next to the front door.  He sizes up how “laid back” the incoming “groom-ee” is.  Today he was a little unprepared as I was one of the first customers in the door.

are you going to drop any food?

And a couple hours later,  with handsome bandanas,  the guys are clean and definitely not smelly.  If only that would last.  “Cleanliness is close to dogliness”  – or is it the other way round?

which way did the rabbit go?

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  1. Bathing dogs is so much fun. The only thing our dog hated more than a bath was the vet. The only human being he would actually growl at. The would sarcastically refer to him as “Happy”.
    He never actually bit anybody but I bet he wanted to bite the vet My memory of bath time was ducking for cover before he decided to shake himself dry.
    I don’t blame you getting it done professionally.

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