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On our walk in the park today,  I noted two different pairs of twenty-something dog-walkers out for a morning hike.  But it wasn’t the hikers that caught my eye.  It was their dogs.    One dog,  a wire-hair terrier – spaniel looking canine, was wearing, what I presumed were boots.   And the other dog-walker’s dog?  Sunglasses, or more accurately, dog-sized polarized goggles.

15202-griptrex-bluespring-four_372x279I did not want to be rude – or show my ignorance, which was more likely – by calling attention to the sight.

But I hope that my more fashionista-tuned friends in the blogosphere can help me with this.   Am I missing something?  I know about bringing lots of water on a warm day.  I am conscious about walking my furry companions where the pavement might be too warm for the pads of their paws.   On cold mornings, I have seen small dogs with sweaters though it rarely gets cold enough in winter to see this more than once or twice.   But is there such a demand that creates an industry making hiking shoes for dogs?  Am I neglecting my canine pals welfare by not providing a visor and sunglasses?



  1. I can see a coat, I might even give a pass on boots, but goggles? Winters get fiece here and I’ve thought about getting horse blankets for my dogs. With winter weather comes de-icer and lots of salt. So I can understand using booties. But you live in San Diego!!! What the heck?

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