Coffee mornings


Our son brought us a gift the other day.   But there was no note or explanation, so when I got home, I made a call to one son to thank him, and he did not know what I was talking about – I thought it might have been a barter for doing laundry at home or whatnot.  But then he is not a coffee drinker I thought.

Then I called the elder son (in California)  and yes, a friend of my son’s wanted us to have it.   You see, coffee, is a special form of relationship.   We have instant coffee.   We have whole bean coffee (from Costco).   We now have a Keurig and a selection of Peete’s coffee singles and Dunkin’ Donuts singles.   (I’m reminiscing about my years on the East Coast when I would swing by DD for a cup on the way to work.  But I was frivolous, and single.) Coffee at home is more frugal.   Of course,  it’s about 90 cents a cup from the Keurig machine.  But saves time.  But I will grind more beans tonight.  Don’t want the brewed coffee maker to feel unloved.

Have an awesome Wednesday friends.


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