weekend warrior

It is a good rule never to look into the face of a man in the morning till you have looked into the face of God.  –  Charles Spurgeon  (via azquotes.com)

Sunday was a little more laid back than yesterday.  Over coffee, we met with friends,  whom we assist with the “Empty Nest” ministry before church services.  Then a lunch picnic with another couple from church we have known at least twenty years, but probably only spent any significant time together  two or three times as couples in that time.  (Each of us has had “life” and our church volunteerism activities so we never coordinated “hang time” in all this time).   And then it was the usual,  gas up and wash the cars before the work week.    Barbecue pork, and pork for my wife and I to take for lunch all work week.   I plan to turn in early.

However,  yesterday was a FULL day.

As is my habit for the last five or so years, I start every Saturday morning (give or take a half-dozen in that period of time) by meeting three friends at the Mission Trails park in San Diego.  These three other men, plus Dexter, (and now, Comet) have been constant companions as we start our Saturday with a God talk.  From a flippant remark some years ago,  I refer to our morning group as the “prayer warriors”.    We meet early because this park gets inundated with hikers, cyclists, joggers and dog walkers around 8 AM.    Returning home, and after my cardio workout on the trail in the morning,  I continued a workout in my garage.  My “flexing exercises” consisted of bending, twisting and high stepping to inspect boxes and tubs, and unpacking and trashing other contents. The remainder I fit in to more condensed sizes.  One of my hike-mates came over to help me assemble industrial shelves for my garage.  I spent the rest of the day putting the boxes, bags of cement, toolboxes, Christmas decorations and “stuff” off the garage floor and onto the shelves.  Now the other side of the garage needs attention.  Now I can quit procrastinating and finish insulating the garage.  Finish a project in 2018, is my new home maintenance mantra!

I celebrated the end of the day by barbecuing steaks and playing a little guitar.








  1. Sounds like a great weekend! And congrats on making such great progress in the garage. It seems you and I were similarly motivated this weekend. Except I need to adopt your “finish” mantra. I always start easily enough, but finishing is difficult.

    Have a great week!

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  2. Oh, yeah. I got exercise, the dogs got exercise, I actually felt like I was accomplishing something on the to-do list. And of course, the dogs were only TOO happy to help me with the barbecue. They often get to glean the fatty bits after our supper.


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