upside to down time

Taking Friday off from work has benefits.  One benefit is taking a dog walk in a new, longer direction around a different neighborhood of El Cajon in the cool of the morning.  Another benefit is being able to playing my guitar, even if they are the same beginning chords I’ve been learning, while sitting in my backyard in the warm sunshine.  One of my highlights today is spending the day with my wife, though she is working from home, and is still “together” time.

And then there are the mundane things like scheduling some car maintenance that I haven’t been able to get done around my work day.  Or cleaning up the dog poop in the yard.   But the fruit trees are beginning to flower,  others are beginning to bud and the winter pruning I did to the purple Peruvian Paraguay ( knew it was P-something) nightshade shrubs ( here’s Dave’s garden link to the purple potato bush).   Makes even mundane a break from the testing and document writing I’ve done recently.



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