routine maintenance

Comet seems to be much better today. He is recovering from digestive problems that began last week. The vet recommended a calming diet of boiled chicken and rice. For his part, the last recuperating patient, Dexter, Cone Head, has not been the sympathetic brother. He has used this opportunity to eat out of both dog bowls without competition.

We know a little bit about digestive problems in this house. While it may have been a bit of dog flu passing between the dogs, first with Dexter for a day, the vet thought it was the change in dog food. But Dexter ‘s issue was before I bought the new bag. At the very least, I know it has nothing to do with the capsaicin family of peppers. Spicy food is my kryptonite.

The same maintenance needs to be followed with cars. Running a little longer without tender loving care (TLC), cars also get “digestive” issues. And so I sit at the dealer service lounge. Drinking vending machine coffee and answering work email that gives me gas.


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