the dogs don’t mind

It started like any other “ab”normal day.  Woke up to find Dexter on the bed, paws in the air, snoring away.  (he’s not allowed on the bed, but since my son came over to house sit several months ago, I think he slept on the bed every chance the bedroom door was not closed off).

A cup of coffee, a little “wifey-made” petit dejeuner, and a brief walk for the fellas around the neighborhood.   And then setting off.   Sheri remained at home, as she has to work into the evening tonight.  We promised each other that she is too burned out from years of sixteen hour days, for more of these.

My lack of patience with traffic, which, of course, never ends well, did not end well.  Two hours taking the longest-way round, in traffic snarls anyway.   And then to work.   Only to discover as I emptied my pockets that I had not only my car keys but my wife’s car keys as well.  At the very least, some of her meetings can be done from the phone and computer.    And the dogs are enjoying the opportunity to get snacks from the kitchen as she gets fresh coffee.   And enjoying the company.    But I am probably going to be in the doghouse.

To quote one of my blogging heroes,  Ben,    “AHHHHHHHHHHHH”



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