Product reviews: pooper scoopers

I am not one to normally review products on my blog, but after a year of use,  I am finding a couple of dog products have made my life easier.  Petphabet  makes a tool 51WeeOewdGL._SL1001_( about $15 via Amazon)  that maintains good relations between dog-owner and other neighbors in one’s neighborhood: an easily carried poop scooper that will remove and bag pet waste. It is light, but durable plastic,  the spring-action of the handle grip is easily gripped, and  a bag fits easily over the exterior -of the jaws – if you compress the handle, the jaw opens and the bag can be tucked in.  I have made even a Comet-sized poo containerized and tied off in a few seconds. No mess.

At home,  I was using a shovel and a 32-gallon outdoor refuse bag (the tie kind) to clean up after the boys.  With my backyard mostly dirt and gravel in the areas the dogs can access,  cleaning up regularly was often as much dirt and debris as pet waste.   I started to look for a long-handled scoop and rake that I saw  being used at an animal shelter.   I found the Arm & Hammer swivel bin and rake (about $16 on Amazon).   71YgtJxxSML._SL1500_

After a year in the Southern California sun, the rake and scoop are still in good shape.  I do not use the pictured bags – mostly because the price for them – when you find the sort that are designed for it – is nonsense.   But small trash liners bought in the big box retailer for $4 or $5 for large quantity works just as well.

Before the California bag-ageddon a year or so ago,  on the twice-daily constitutionals for Dexter and Comet,  I would carry the white plastic bags from any retailer or grocery.  For those times that I am not as coordinated to handle two dogs and their walk accessories.  Now I carry rolls of lime-green dog waste bags ( these can be found in multiple places around $8 for six rolls.).   Of course, this makes for interesting conversation when I am at work and people see them falling out of my jacket or in the side pocket of the car door.




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