Cone-free!  With apologies to Roger Miller and Janice Joplin, freedom is just a word with nothing left to lose – but that veterinarian’s cone.  His wounded ear has healed enough that the benefits:  being able to eat leisurely from his dog bowl “shielded” from Comet’s “help” at mealtime,  and avoiding Comet’s occasional poor aim during a walk are not necessary ( Dexter focuses on a smell to the extent that once or twice, Comet has peed on his head) any more.

With his surgically-shorter ear, and incision healing very rapidly,  it may make for great conversation at the park.   Last week at the park,  while in his cone,  a couple of dog-walkers were a little sketchy coming near us;  now cone-free,  Dexter gets comforting oohs and ahhs when I mentioned that he has recovered from surgery.

And belated thanks go to Linda (mainepaperpusher)  for Dexter’s holiday moniker as my “poor little cone-head”!   At least now, he can turn around in the hallway without getting stuck;  he doesn’t snap sideways when he snags a corner or a door jamb;  and best of all – we don’t need to leave the sliding glass door open at night.   Dexter can use the doggie-door once more!

Now at this last, friends may chuckle that it is fifty degrees warmer at night at home than their region this winter.  But you have a friend in a Minnesota transplant co-worker I know.  He laughs at the bundled up San Diegans, while he wears hawaiian shirts, board shorts and flip-flops in 65 degree (F) weather.



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