Case of the “Mondays”

Some days I just put one paw,  er, FOOT in front of the other to make it through the day.  It was like that today.   Had a case of the “Mondays” blues.    Partly because I have been very asthmatic the last couple days ( dry air, dust, dander, ash and smoke), and this morning dosed myself with some Mucinex to wheeze less than my previous night.  And perhaps I am jittery as well: side effect of too much coffee to offset driving drowsy from the medication.  Or just feeling the “blah” ?

All of this fed my inner cynic, so when today’s tasks didn’t fall into the range of an “easy day”,  I took the path of least resistance:  I requested a meeting to discuss them.   That’s what is usually on a typical Monday work calendar.  Meetings.  And so the day went.   The highlight of the day was, truly,  lunch.   In a moment of  “I’m not really hungry”, I saved half of my deli sandwich to bring by my wife’s work on the way home.    Suffice it to say,  I may have scored some “good husband” points in the view of  her staff who saw me with the sandwich.

Feeling a pretty decent fellow as I continued home,   I got a dose of humility, from all things – Comet.   He and Dexter were enthusiastic to go for a walk as I came in the front door.   It was only as we got back to the house that I noted him obviously favoring one of his front paws.  We can’t see his injury, but he makes me feel bad as he gets up to follow me or follow my wife from room to room.  And laying back down, he slurps that paw.   If it doesn’t improve tomorrow I will take him to the vet.

I think his day was a little worse for wear than mine.    I’d better get back to reading some motivational blog posts, Scripture, and maybe suck down some more of that Mucinex tonight.  Make Tuesday about 150% more productive.   And BE grateful.   I think Comet is showing me a case of the “Mondays” is in the “paw” of the beholder.



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