day of rest

One of my neighbors went early for a round of golf.  (It’s pretty much an excuse to drink before 10 in the morning.)  Another of my neighbors takes a ride on his Harley.   Others must sleep in.  I walked the dogs around the block about 7 today, and one other dog-walker was spied.  She was not in a “helloing” mood.  Pity.

It was otherwise a typical Sunday.  Church in the morning.  Lunch for two courtesy of a birthday restaurant gift card at Olive Garden.  Husband took advantage of a postponed nap from yesterday to go toes up for a couple hours.   The Missus spent an afternoon and evening spent mixing ingredients, melting chocolate and rolling peanut butter chocolate balls;  followed by an evening with Miss Clairol.

And I spent a couple hours streaming the 1993 X-Files series, from the couch.   “The Truth is Out There”.   I was a bit of a slug today.   But I did go get dog food  and put my car through the car wash.  I reached down a food processor from a high closet shelf.   And we had an after supper cocktail.   I think I did my part swimmingly.



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