Minion christmas

It’s 72 F tonight.  No breeze to speak of.  (and that’s a relief to firefighters in the vicinity of Oceanside getting a handle on the Lilac Fire.)

added a couple finishing touches to our “Christmas lane” contribution this year.  Lamps to splash color on the house seems to be “in” for a few houses here so I am glad for that.  am relieved since I was constantly having to replace stringed lights around the roof in years past,


And Minions are “our” theme this year.  I haven’t seen anyone else in our neighborhood with them this year.   Not that I’m competitive, but we have hundreds coming through the neighborhood from December 1st to January 1st;  when longtime residents sold and new owners moved in,   there was, at first,  a lot less participation,  but seems that the Kranks Christmas are out and Chevy Chase’s Christmas lights ( references to two Christmas classic movies)  are also out of favor.  Mostly everyone is has photo-worthy displays these days.


However, let’s not overlook the “reason for the season”.    And reflecting on the past year, there is a lot that shows people have a lot of “community” in them despite what some might believe.  All around this hemisphere alone, there are reasons to be grateful.  Most immediately in mind: The heroic work that all the First Responders performed during all the California wildfires this year.  And in efforts to help the hurricane victims from Houston and south Texas,  to Puerto Rico and the eastern Caribbean.  All the support for evacuated pets from the flooded areas, volunteers who drove hours to bring horse trailers and bring strangers livestock to safety during the fires locally.


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