dogs, cars, and humility lessons


What am I supposed to haul my dogs around in, a Rolls-Royce?- Sam Walton,

There is something about driving with two large dogs around town, or to the park on weekends that I routinely did when I had a pickup truck.  But in a sedan, when my wife, dogs and I all traveled in close quarters, the aroma and wafting dog hair  were such that  I now invest in Comet and Dexter’s monthly trip to the dog groomers,  car air fresheners and never miss a chance to wash and vacuum out the Chevrolet.  20171125_080612.jpg

When I bought my first car with the options one usually only gets in rental cars, with air conditioning, sunroof and leather seats,  it had been very well maintained by its original owner.  I didn’t want to drive the dogs in it.  It’s a Chevy, however, and not a Rolls.   So our trip yesterday to the groomers  was directly after our Saturday morning hike.  Dust, bits of brambles, burrs and grass and an doggie aroma that the butterscotch air freshener did its best to cover.  That’s when I realized the wisdom in my purchase of a “dog sling” seat cover. 81vcbbvnb2l-_sl1052_ I had originally bought it intending that for my spouse’s car:  perfect for her back seat.  (Mostly because the dog hair and dust are so hard to clean out but find an instant bond to anyone going to church or to a work event.)  But I had neglected her support for the idea.  You see, for the first fifteen years, her cars had endured sand, salt, wet towel trips to the beach, sweaty teen baseballers, basketballers, and skateboarders, dusty dogs, smokey camping equipment,  chewing gum, sodas, and mysterious residues of all kinds.

Her present car remains clean.   And with a dog sling, I have fewer reasons now to justify buying a pickup truck.   If I can only keep Comet out of my drivers seat.  DSC_0028 (3)


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