the little things

“I was coming back from town, pulled (my car) over to check my phone at a Christmas tree lot.  A small fire was starting near the back and a guy was tugging at a tent that was starting to catch.  I carry a fire extinguisher in my trunk….was enough to put it out”  –

To echo my soldier son who called me this morning,  it has been a good week.  Being in the right place at the right time is no coincidence.  And some humble heroics all the more an opportunity to give thanks.   Yet he was chatting about a long drive he made that resulted in a second that really impacted him.  Earning a  little more pocket money than usual withaside job.  An Army test taken and passed.  Having his wife with him, at home near his Army post, at the holidays.

And what I grateful for as the head of this clan?  23434794_10156795860052519_2084629604834557527_nI am grateful for the family: my dear wife,  three sons and a daughter-in-law;  grateful for the freedoms here, friends and health.   I am grateful for my many new blogging friends over the last year.    Traveling the world from my writing desk.

It is the little things I enjoy most.






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