Sea Captains, old dogs and music

via ‘Sea Captains’ Church’ in South Dennis celebrates 200 years – News – Barnstable Patriot – Hyannis, MA 

I heard Christmas music today that made me feel old.  just knowing who Mel Torme was, popular in the early 1960s,  makes me feel a bit of a relic. Perhaps it was due to my mother playing his music in my formative years — before I discovered The Who and Led Zepplin.  Yet that memory lead me to an Internet article about a church where I once lived celebrating its bicentennial this year.  And the artist whose home I lived in at the time has been dead 81 years; however, the thought that four decades have passed since I last visited the Cape makes me feel old again.



  1. Cheer up and don’t let it all get you down. I now officially have no more relatives living in my home town which means I probably won’t ever see it again. That makes me feel old! The only thing that helps is to look forward, feel lucky to be still looking forward, and enjoy what you have today. It always helps me feel less of a relic.

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