time to write


As I sit at my keyboard tonight, I can reflect on the act of writing getting easier over time. Over tens of thousands of years ago,  some author worked by the light of a smoky lamp or fire to tell a story of hunting bears, elephants, deer, using ground ochres from materials their group collected.  I can’t imagine the effort needed to tell a story – with no rewrites.

Here we are forty thousand years later, with computers and cellphones;  Wordpress, Tumblr, Twitter and dozens of others.  A billion people leave a digital record of angst,  love, passion, truth, discovery, and imagination.  While my late mother’s generation and those preceding hers loved ink on paper,  I am very fortunate that I can do my exploration without ink pens or grinding ochres.  It would otherwise be a very, very short story.



  1. I agree wholeheartedly, NotDonner. Great post!

    However, I do sometimes miss my old electric typewriter from the 80s. I enjoyed watching the pages pile up beside my typewriter as I wrote whatever abysmal novel or play or comedy sketch that I was writing at the time. I enjoyed seeing it become tangible right in front of my eyes. Everything seems so amorphous now.

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