Plan of the Day

I know more than a few military veterans who still operate using the skills honed during their service.  One of these is a POD.  Plan of the Day.  Saturday was never meant to be a lazy day.   However,  I  really wanted to stay buried in my pillow this morning, but my conscience  had other plans.   Doggone it!


6:34 AM – wake. consider closing my eyes again.
6:35 AM text my friend I will be late for our prayer-dog walk. He will also be unavoidably detained.
6:55 AM two bouncily happy dogs and one two-sips-in caffeinated humanoid are out the door.
(park interlude)
8:30 AM home after a stop at the auto parts store.
9:30 AM Oil and filter changed in my garage, my dog-car having cooperated.

Now what’s next?

Two hours for shower, and puttering around,  when I realize that my wife is going to be out with friends or going to a work event most of the day — And I haven’t had breakfast nor planned what to do for lunch!

It’s a good day to start trimming the jungle in front of the house.  Everything that was going to die in August, did,  and the rest seems to have gotten through the worst of it.  It was too hot for me to get motivated.

2:45 PM   Trimming done for today.  It took 2 hours to trim my hedge, with hand shears, as the electric trimmer just toyed with them.  Not in the budget or schedule to run to the big box store for trimmers.   Ergo,  I got my upper body workout – for the week – done. Whew!

Sat for a while on the front porch under the umbrella. My neighbor, John asked my help to move a china hutch.  (He’s spent several days trimming and installing new molding to go with his newly refinished flooring.)  And done.

I have a couple hours to blog and then get ready for a dinner outing with our new friends.

I’m going to enjoy getting back to my pillow tonight.

(Friends,  you might notice a few style changes in my blog from today.  I am decidedly going all-in;  I have taken Comet’s advice.  Let me know what you think.)


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