It’s another Friday.  One more closer to my retirement.  Only a gadzillion more Fridays to go.   But for my pooches,  it’s another warm day best handled by a nap.  Retirement is not something they plan.  Not that Dexter and Comet are on public assistance – it is private.   And not that they are unemployed most of the time.  In fact,  they do have a job,  for which they earn snacks and twice -a-day meals:  they are my exercise coaches.  If Hollywood types spend huge sums on physical therapy, counseling,  exercise and diet coaches,  my dogs work cheap.  Canned food and some premium dog chow.  What is their specialization, you ask?

Up at 5, out walking by 6 AM.   Home by 6 PM, and out walking by 7 PM.   Seven days a week plus an extended walk on Saturdays.

It’s a tough job that only adequate sleep can possible prepare them for.




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