Dog towels

One of the things I miss because I live in San Diego is the summer rain. Not the dribble that everyone here loses their mind over once or twice a season. But the waterfall, can’t see six feet, roads flooding six inches deep, torrent that hits the Virginia Tidewater region. Gulf Stream tropical storms and hurricanes are fact of this season that most residents along the East Coast rarely see as newsworthy.

When I walked my dogs on a summer evening there, the weather was an opportunity to for them to play, splash, and dig in the soft earth.  Towels staged inside the door would be soaked mopping up happy-dog fur.  And the rest of the evening a wet-dog smell was not an unpleasant accompaniment to  winding down from work day.



  1. but that’s why it is soooo GREEN there!
    I was listening to an Ohio State grad co-worker today tell another that the humidity today reminded him of home. But it will be back one of these days to the 75F and sunny. I will suffer with you virtually.


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