In dogs we trust

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.  Aesop

I have never had much use for people who spend more effort avoiding work, gaming the system,  passing badly-made counterfeit currency or passing email spam and scamming the elderly by telephone and door-to-door malarky.  Criminals have been gaming the system for as long as there have been societies.    And as we all have someone we know, or have been victimized ourselves, particularly in the interconnected world of digital money, it makes even the kind-hearted cynical and angry.  cybercrime_1585255

I am almost inured to the schemes of politicians in my county, state and federal governments to rob me legally of my hard-earned income.  When you are outnumbered ten to one by the indolent, grifters, cheats, lobbyists and in smaller percentages, the truly deserving poor, what the wage-earner thinks and wants is mired in the corruption and foolishness of others.   I have never had an issue with my faith’s admonition to give to the poor nor support widows, orphans and tithe to support my church.   The ample evidence in my own life of giving freely has returned blessings I cannot even count.

Left to our own devices however, money can lead us to all sorts of unhappiness.  Just look at all the “toys” that are again popping up in a society that has, slower this time round, been back on the instant-gratification bandwagon.  However,   my family was victimized today by digital fraud.   Our entire checking account was emptied in a series of purchases overnight through use of an ATM card – one that has not been used in our family for many, many months.   Nothing like opening your email at work – in the middle of an extremely busy day – to see a bank announcement that you are overdrawn;  where did those hard-earned thousands of yesterday go?!

While some humans are bad, the worst that our pets do, perhaps is a mess in the living room, rummage through a garbage can (left in the kitchen when we departed for work, or have the infrequent veterinary bill – which might run through our bank accounts.   But dogs do not rummage through your wallet, order airline tickets and pay insurance bills six or seven states away from home.   Dogs are incredibly honest.  Just ask “WHO DID THIS?!”  And the guilty party will throw themselves on your mercy.  (The featured image is borrowed from the Internet.  I plead the Fifth!)

Teach your children to respect themselves, respect others, and the value of hard work and charity.   If you have one, teach your children to walk the dog and clean up after it.   Entitlement in children and adults breeds contempt and leads to the sort that find stealing from others preferable to earning it.  We still have jobs. Money will be restored. The guilty may be found and punished;  our pets will not go without a meal tonight.    I am taught to forgive the guilty.

If the guilty are caught, might I recommend just a few hours staked out in the August sun of the Mojave desert?




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