“time to make the donuts”

when I was a young man, Dunkin’ Donuts ran a series of ads on TV with a poor schmuck who every morning woke early to go make donuts.  These days,  when I am doing a repetitive task daily,  I might joke with a coworker with this phrase.   And unless, that co-worker is older than forty,  I look like a crazy person spouting nonsense.

I am bringing donuts to reward my ushers today who are completing a three -month stint as volunteers.   I rose early to get to the donut shop;  when I joked with one of the young workers about him picking an assortment,  I said, ” donuts.  It’s part of my see-food diet.”

He looked at me.

“See-food.  If I see it,  I eat it.”     “Oh”, he replied.  “I like that.  I think I will use that!”

I’m not sure about that being part of the mentoring that our minister was encouraging the older generation to provide to a younger one.   However, there are many things that are pretty harmless that became part of the cultural lexicon when I was a younger man.

Like the time, years ago,  I was a little frustrated and annoyed about some work demands, and I was humming the song from the The Wizard of Oz, “If I Only Had a Brain”.   At that moment, one of the Operations department planners passed me in the hallway.   She smiled.

“Which one are you?  Tin Woodman?  Scarecrow? …”, she asked.

It takes a certain age to appreciate the things that leach out of the deep recesses of my mind.  Thank goodness I can generally bring up the reference via YouTube on my cellphone.



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