Saturday chores

Put your outdoor work in order and get your fields ready;
    after that, build your house.  -Proverbs 24:27

Lazy Morning

Even on a San Diego holiday weekend,  when Southern California families are gathering in parks,  young out-of-towners  head to the beach, or to the baseball park and the Gaslamp downtown,  I just revel in being “lazy”.   First though, dogs need to be walked,  laundry needs to be washed (it was my turn this morning),  and the backyard — oh brother – did it need to be “de-pooped” and weeded and some plants watered.

After a rainy Spring,  the back yard is thriving –  lion tail, flowering yellow bell shrubs, fruit trees and vegetable garden.  Part of this is due to a continuing project:  I have these set back behind “dog-proofing”.   But there is more work to do.  The familiar pee-kill stains on lower leaves of my overgrown shrubs, coral tree and the fountain grass.

I stopped using a dog-fearing gardner last year.   When the drought was predicted to last another year,  I figured dog pee, weeds and a few hardy cactus were not worth a gardener’s time.  All the early rain, and a revived green thumb, I want the yard to look less like a weedy dog-run.

Lazy Evening

Yard de-pooped.   A side trip in the mid-day to get baking supplies, dog food, garden stakes and party refreshments was issued and delivered.  Outdoor chores completed: cuttings cleared and set aside for the green- recycling truck; trees staked and ripe fruit picked.    It was time to barbecue.   With last weekend a bust with what we now believe was a food-borne illness – I was highly motivated.   And the dogs, who had been bored with my work,  came out to sit by the grill to support me in my hour of need.

Being lazy seems to be more tiring than I would have predicted.   Glad I’m on a family stay-cation!



  1. Haha! Loved reading about your days adventures. My roommate told me just last week that I do more on my days off then she does when she’s working, I think you do even more by the sounds of it 😛

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    1. Thanks! It’s a curse – some weekends, half my body schedules time for housework, repairs, and gardening, and the other half stares at the chores till the dogs get antsy for a walk. (and it’s only 7 AM, so most of it is done before lunch)

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