Heroic dog-man

One of the hardest-working, life by the bull-horns men I know,  is a neighbor.  He is a very busy home building contractor,  a race-car builder, and an original Dog-man.  For fifteen years I big_p1010143have walked dogs around our neighborhood, and whether 5:45 AM or 7:30 at night, if his door is open, or his work truck is driving to or from home, MD never fails to stop and greet the dogs enthusiastically.

In all that time.  he has, like the Tim Allen character from Home Improvement TV series, been on a reservation-list at local hospitals. p183934_b_v9_ad Over a thirty -year career,  I know that given that the construction industry is dirty, dangerous and results in injuries.  My friend has had smashed hands, broken limbs, a fall resulting in a broken back, broken bones in his face, burns, and countless sprains.  However, like the Wolverine character, or Bruce Willis MV5BMjI1MDg3MTEwMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTE5Mzg0OQ@@._V1_SY1000_SX1500_AL_character in the movie, UNBREAKABLE,  he seems to heal and rebound stronger.

Presently,  I learned that he is also a hero.   Getting ready to leave in his work truck one morning this week,  he noted in his mirror that somehow the family dog had gotten out of the house and yard, and was under his truck.  But the vehicle did not remain in Park as he got out to grab the dog.  As the truck rolled forward where the dog would surely have been killed, in an adrenalin burst, he snatched it away only to have the truck snag and roll over his foot and throw him to the pavement.  Yet he still jumped into the truck stopping it’s roll. The toll was one mailbox and a tipped over trailer.

I am a God-fearing man.  Though he believes to a different degree than I about the plans God has him personally,    I still see that God has a plan for this hard-working,  hard-living, John Wayne-strong, silent type.   After all,  a man who risks his life for a dog, is someone I can have faith will be that for a brother.  I can pray.



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