Going “country” shopping list

Bluebonnets along a Dirt Road and a Texas Flag Mailbox

Sorry Horace (Greeley),  if you want to find a slice of heaven on earth, seems going EAST is the advice that many rural-loving, working-stiff, San Diegans are taking.  Another of my friends, an Australian and his San Diego-born wife, has found peace and happiness on their own homestead in rural east Texas.   While I stewed in traffic this morning on the way to my san Diego industrial park, windowless,  security-monitored, computer electronic job,  I spoke with my buddy Waldo by cell phone.  I came up with this suggested list:

  1.  Cowboy boots, well-worn  (possibly snake or other reptile optional)
  2.  Hat, felt or straw that a cowpuncher would approve of. Ballcaps are acceptable if sun-bleached.
  3. Pickup truck. Four-wheel drive, of course.
  4. American flag, Texas flag. POW memorial flag. Military-ceremonial,  Period.
  5. Dog, or better yet, dogs.  Rescue dogs from the local shelter, better still.
  6. At least one rusty but functional item of farm equipment.  A bush-hog or tiller suffices.
  7.  A front porch with porch swing.
  8.  A satellite dish since it’s too far out to string cable from the main road.
  9.  A storm cellar or heavy shelter to hunker down when tornadoes are predicted.
  10.  Extracting California-isms from your vocabulary.  You are in ‘Merica now, son!



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