transcendental dog

via Temporary  To my furry friends, I am sure my and my wife’s workday disappearances are merely a magic trick performed for their benefit.  It is a means for Dexter and Comet to separate the morning walk from the evening walk!  If they ponder where Dad goes during the time the door closes and the sound of a car pulling away fades, and then he returns sometime later,  they do not show it.  I doubt that they watch TV or sleep while we are away.   Mud tracked through the doggie-door, blankets pulled down off the couch,  and a laundry hamper knocked over and contents in a heap, suggest they entertain themselves.  But my appearance in the doorway after the evening commute sparks leaps, barks and stuffed toys squeaked in celebration.   As for my well-being, they encourage me that  “tired,  hungry, and the road-grump” is merely a temporary state.   With an immediate about-face, leashes in hand, and the boys urging me on, a good walk is all the spiritual refreshing we all need.20170508_063247



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