A dog finds purpose

Ever since the housing development,  on the ridge above my neighborhood blasted and graded their habitat, wildlife has made an unwelcome home here.   A plague of gophers that killed bushes and turned lawns into pock-marked battlefields.  Had it not been for the drought we suffered for several years, killing lawns and drying up trees and bushes, I think the gophers would have gained control.   My next-door neighbor’s last-ditch effort truly was a trench.   Not that I always had less trouble.  Years ago, as I was just getting started with a much more gopher-unfriendly yard, we had a cat, Felix, who routinely deposited a trophy gopher on our doorstep most mornings.

One night, Dexter discovered a gopher by the curb – he must have just come out of his burrow as the dirt was still piled up  between the car tire and the curb.  I let him scurry to the opposite side of the street.  Dexter already had a chew-toy.   On our walks,  Dexter would find a gopher still burrowing away ( the moist dirt still piled at the entrance of the burrow indicated the critter was near)  and in a second paws were flying.   He eventually lost interest in searching for gophers.  This morning’s walk tells me he still has the itch.



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