Comet does not watch The Food Network

When trying to decide what the best dog food is for a reasonable price, I am looking for websites that rate dog food by content of actually what is on the label by percentage.  But then WHO rates the websites?  And FOOD NETWORK does not host any competitions for chefs preparing for the discriminating palates of the dog world.   It is all very confusing.I don’t like the big box retailers no-name brands unless I hear from some consumer group.  Oh for the days when everyone bought Ralston Purina dog chow or the little burger packets.  Still, my dogs are not working dogs and  do not reject what I serve for the $50 dollar bagged dog chow.

Recently, I changed from IAMS brand  to AUTHORITY based on one such ‘authority‘ website.  It’s a brand that PETSMART carries.  But I did bring Dexter into the store for a scientific study.  The food he sniffed more than twice – and was less than $30, we took home to try.   I try to feed the dogs with more healthy and taste-oriented dry food.   For many years it sustained my fellas.  What do other dog people feed their pack?  The American Kennel Club has some advice in choosing dog food.  It sounds from this article, more reasonable to feed canines a broad assortment of the human four basic food groups. And perhaps I have to mix it up between wet foods and dry.

Not that Dexter and Comet  eat poorly.  Far from it.  We give them some scraps, egg leftovers, beef scraps after barbeques.  I have seen Dexter try to eat a grape that fell off the counter, so perhaps I need to pay more attention to adding fruit in their diet.  It’s a long, long way from eating gopher or rabbit or the occasional bug that Dexter snaps up from the sliding glass door.

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  1. Thanks, RhapsodyBoheme! I have two 5 /6 year olds. A lab/pittie mix and a g shepherd/greyhound mix. “working” dog is definitely not part of their resume, but they get moderate exercise. –


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