Flower child?

Spring gives me obnoxious allergies but I still enjoy being outdoors, and walking dogs is my twice daily penance. Scratch that!, I’m not catholic.  It’s my opportunity to — oh what the sympathy queen- heck, it’s something that the dogs need daily!   I can buck up with some Allegra or a Benadryl but then I see how my furry friends enjoy the outing.

20170419_06594220170419_065947 Comet seems to thoroughly enjoy dragging us through the wildflowers.  For the third week in a row,  while these vivid yellow colors are perfectly fine in the hills behind our home,  he continues a determined effort to bring them home.  Dexter, at least doesn’t appear to be coated in pollen, but he makes up for it by finding any mud, dead animal, or dirt he kicked up in his gopher -hunt on the walk.

I20170419_070152t’s probably my fault.  As alpha-male, I have brought cut flowers home to the missus every couple weeks this spring.  But Comet has noticed me slacking lately.  So he doesn’t rely on a middleman to impress the lady of the house.



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