Hide and seek?

I know what it is to worry about one of your “kids”.  Comet welcomes me as I get home tonight.   There’s just something odd I didn’t realize at first.  Where’s Dexter?   I soon find that he’s not stuck in the garage.  He’s not closed in the bathroom.  He’s not laying out dead in the backyard – at least I should have seen him when I looked as the yard is not that big.

But you come home:  no note, no sign of a struggle, and no door left ajar.  The refrigerator is still full which would have been an obvious clue a few years ago when the kids came by.  At least with a dog, the car that was at home when you left is still at home when you return.   WHERE did he go?   I know Dexer doesn’t take off so I presume my middle son, Tommy came down from LA for the day and took him.   There are NO leashes where I left them this morning.  I may be a little forgetful, but they were on the closet doorknob next to the front door.

It ticks me off.  Now I am concerned.    I can only think that one of my sons – not the one in the Army  and not the nurse — which leaves the one.   Darn it.  I will go across the street to ask my neighbor.   Dogs are so much more predictable.  Now I have to play it cool.  And I cannot take Comet for a walk – as BOTH the darn leashes are missing!

I may not be jewish, but I am thinking that I should find him a nice jewish girl.  Someone who can keep him happy,  keep him busy and keep him out of his parents house while they are away.

Oy vey.


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