A Dog-man dreams

I am roused from my slumber by a soft red glow through closed lids. I am dimly aware of warmth playing across my chilled skin. Snug covers are being pulled back by gentle hands.  A sound like children laughing, singing. as quiet as a breeze you cannot tell where it is coming from, tickles my ears.

“He’s come.”  My heart pounds in my chest. “My father has come for me! ”

A sound like the torrent of a waterfall crashing into a pool fills my room. Sitting up, my eyes open to find my door has opened.  My face, hands and chest no longer feel bruised, and bandages are gone.

In place of pain and sorrow only joy.  “I hear and can see my father calling me.”   I become aware of a couple of my friends,  women,  gasping and murmuring as they approach.:

“Are you the gardener, sir?”   It is the morning of the Third day.

JESUS HAS OVERCOME THE GRAVE. HE IS RISEN.  Faith is secure in the one who has overcome the grave!     Happy Easter.


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