a dog walk makes the man

I do not sleep well at night.  This is a fairly recent phenomena, which seems to have developed in the last few years.    Perhaps it is sympathetic insomnia, as my wife has difficulty staying asleep.  While she could fall asleep within minutes of coming home and stretching out on the couch,  I might wake in the very early morning hours to find that she had done a couple of loads of laundry, read a book or cooked the next day’s meal.

An older, wiser me would counsel the younger me to never let a week go by without an intensely physical routine of gym exercise,  bicycle, swimming or other activity.  There’s no exercise that would diminish a food allergy but perhaps I would have been more discerning earlier.  And I would have long ago likely moved or changed careers faced with the daily commute to my employer – now in its twelfth year.

Dexter and Comet are helping me with daily fast-paced walks.   I stopped taking the elevator at work and only take the stairs.  I stopped driving between buildings and walk the half-mile round trip between my office-building and the production building at least four times a week.  And the Saturday hike with my friends is something I really look forward to.   And perhaps that is why my furry friends sleep so well.  They have a better life balance.


While I hate to give the Government any credit,  through the increased cost of cigars, and a couple of months of bronchial asthma-like attacks,  have convinced me that smoking a cigar is not worth the hacking later that night.

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