Playing with dirt

This was a good day to play in the dirt.  With my lady recovering from the 24 hour flu supplied with tea, tissues, cough drops and books,  I made a day of working outside.  With a week to plan out the formerly empty raised bed I made last Saturday,  I now have blackberries, grape-vine, tomatoes, peppers and watermelon planted.  There’s room for a half-dozen more containers.  In the front yard, succulents, cactus, broom and several other colorful plants have acclimated and are showing new growth.

Surveying the yard, I am grateful for the rains this year.   And I seem to be getting cooperation from Dexter and Comet with the new plantings.  I don’t believe many reading this have a challenge with watering, but rains are likely done for the next six months in Southern California.  Though we now seem to have abundant water in the state now,  I am not liberally using hose water.   I am trying a new approach using a couple trash cans filled with rainwater,  and another supplied by a hose to store while it degassed  chlorine out.  This is my one concession to the engineer in me.   Used to test and evaluation of technical systems in my day job,   I am at home testing the best way to combine water, mulch, and container systems to have healthy plants.


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