20170403_190402This evening we had a neighbor drop by for a snack and a little walk.   I had just gone inside; my wife was coming into the garage from her car, when a little dog in a pink collar strolled up to greet her.

Five minutes later,  I was walking her using Dexter’s leash to take her home.  Everyone with dogs within a few blocks of me I generally know;   this sweet dog is not one of theirs.   One lady across the street recognizes the little dog, but cannot recall who came to retrieve it from her backyard.

My neighbor Bonnie recognizes her also -thinking she had taken the dog back to a neighbor on the street behind ours.  I know just about everyone but one residence on that other street, so I set off for that house.   Sandra recognized her own home, surprising the man and woman who answered the door.  This little lady is a practiced escape artist!   If Sandra is going to be visiting the neighborhood from time to time, perhaps I should invite the couple to get to know them better;  we have already gotten to know their dog.  Neighborly.



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