Weekend garden warrior

Saturday was a fine day to relax.  Some weekends relaxing means an early-morning hike with my friends and the dogs.  The dogs and I were a little out of sorts – I think they count the days between weekends knowing that Saturdays are the hiking day.  Today we had an appointment so the hike would have been more of a chore having to rush through.  On other weekends, I have household chores – often home maintenance is a weekend project that I have learned to hire professionals when hours become days if I do them.


Sometimes I channel wood-working and gardening ambitions to build a gate;  this weekend I built a raised bed frame for vegetables – attractive and also to create a pee-free zone.  20170402_164625Dogs must believe that  little pee on anything green and living makes it BETTER.    I began March by erecting a temporary dog-free zone of chicken-wire.  While I am gathering decorative fencing to keep the critters out, I resorted to   “splash guards” that are more pleasing to the eye –  reusing materials that once had been a section of fence, a gate and a picnic table.

A half-day later, and two trips to the Lowe’s home improvement store,  I stood over wood chips, sawdust, and fence plank scraps on the patio.   A raised planter is ready for dirt and the plants.

On Sunday afternoon,  I survey the front yard;  without the dogs peeing in front, I can  be more decorative. For Spring, I have color on the front patio.  20170402_080216_00120170402_080226I need to savor the moment.  Tomorrow,  work comes early.  And even a little dog-pee won’t make the job easier.




  1. Wow, it looks like spring there. We have a few more months before we can even think about planting anything here. Looks like you had a productive weekend.


    1. Easter weekend. I’ll send you warm weather as we have an abundance these days. Warm Spring Saturday spent with the dogs in the early morning, and at home puttering at the computer. Empty containers and an open potting soil bag spurred me to plant seeds for cantaloupe, cilantro (coriander) garlic bulbs, and rhubarb. The drawback here is that Spring jumps into hot weather so soon. But I bought an umbrella so I can sit out more comfortably on the patio. Once I get through the honey-doos and dog-walking….

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  2. I wish I could be pee as freely as Fidi and Gigi on anything that rhymes with tree.

    Or sounds a lot soda, sofa. My Prada shoes…. My purse. Rugs. Chair legs.

    Weve had training, used hemicsls to stay away from areas, but no such luck. I very scream,wept and prayed.

    I’m living into a plastic house in August.

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    1. Love it. Furnishings and fashion accessories the canine fashion-police add their ‘special touch’. maybe give them a sacrificial plant to ‘anoint’ in place of ??


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