Good cop

14913425999211475744975Sometimes you read a story about a rescued shelter dog saving a life.  Other times a sad story about the number of pitties that populate the shelters around the country.  Fear the public has toward Staffordshire terriers might be moderated if the backstory becomes training and environment rather than a “bad” breed.   The accompanying articles refer to a police department in North Carolina which rescued dogs from euthanasia at a shelter and trained them as K-9s.  In my earlier post about military working dogs, the highly trained, rigorously selected dogs were specific to the missions they would be sent into.  And while a trained Belgian Malinois K-9 is very expensive,  it may possible to train other shelter dogs for other duties.  And it is often critical for a partner on four legs to sniff out,  alert, snatch and hold an aggressive suspect


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