Dog treats

The slurping finally got to me.   In the office where Sheri and I write, surf the internet, read email, Comet also has his dog bed.  For some reason, he licks his paw, then licks the dog bed.  One particular night, a slight raspy crinkle sound made me turn before the usual, “Aghhh, COMET!!!!”


I retrieved the plastic snack tray remains of a Ritz snack I had enjoyed the previous evening, licked clean – and put it in the kitchen trash.   Tonight,  I retrieved a second plastic which I assume was the last of the snacks I had enjoyed the other evening.  There’s a potentially glowing recommendation I could post on the Ritz website for these processed cheese food and hardtack cracker snacks – preferred by both man and canine.    As long as Dexter doesn’t develop a fondness for macadamia nut cookies I’ve hidden away, we probably can work out snack time.


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