family secrets

Every family (kitchen) has secrets. And cleaning out cabinets today (we are having our kitchen renovated between the holidays), we … More


Prior to our sons’ paternal grandfather passing last month (my wife’s former father-in-law), there was a birthday party for a … More

Kodak moments

I imagine many my age have raised children from newborns, and seen them grow, mature and in turn, raise their … More

proxy grampa

In 2018, I became a grandfather, by proxy, for the first time. While not contributing any DNA, I nevertheless have … More

bridge education

Two centuries ago, a half-million children of the majority poor and working class in Ireland never went to what we … More

a man of block letters

Communicating with others is part of my DNA.  Two hundred fifty-eight years ago, my maternal ancestor, James Blaw, was born in a small town on the eastern coast of Scotland.