Father’s Day

I’ve been fortunate for seventeen years to be a dad for three boys who are now men,  and a daughter-in-law : Chris, and his wife Mandy, now expecting their first child; Tommy,  and Matt.   My amazing wife did all the work raising them solo for most of the thirteen, eleven and nine years, respectively until I had the privilege of marrying into the family.

Many of the fathers being honored today, Sunday the 17th of June, chose to marry and be awesome husbands and fathers, learning from mistakes – there is no instruction manual for child-rearing (the principles laid out in the Bible are very instructive but need help and support to put into practice);  however, in the present day, many are amazing dads by modeling what they learn from other dads.

Other dads chose to become adoptive dads,  uniting their family regardless of DNA or origins and be loving and dedicated “Dad” to their children – all of them.   And their families reflect that dedication, from generation to generation.   Now sometimes these adoptive dads have initial practice through raising children, and learn with each new mouth to feed.

But sometimes, people have the opportunity thrust upon them, to be husbands and fathers of older children, and hope for the day these children embrace him as “dad”, or “Pops” or “dude”.   And it is for this reason, that I can understand the special joy that the Creator and Father of all Mankind, has for each of us who love and embrace our Heavenly Father.  It is a relationship that one chooses- even if it is really already there.


Love, “dad”

In honor of my own father with whom I had a difficult relationship for many years, due his illness and recovery, dysfunctional family dynamics, divorce and my own ignorance. Passing away younger than I myself am this year,  my Dad has been missed now for 29 Father’s Days.




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