finding my crown

Daily writing prompt
Describe a positive thing a family member has done for you.

I think of my grandparents and me in old black & white photos. These images radiate the joy they felt being my grandparents.

I feel the same toward my grandchildren. It only takes a certain smile – or the anticipation of seeing that smile to energize me and feel half my age again, briefly. Our endurance is primed by our passion for our little ones. Yes, I will go with you Gramma, to spend time this afternoon with the kiddos.

Endurance is the crowning quality, And patience all the passion of great hearts.

James Russell Lowell, American poet, d. 1891

The poet, James Lowell, may have been thinking as a grandparent. Gramma and I, being semi-retired, worked this morning, from six to 1PM. While I ran errands, including ice cream, Gramma brought the kids to our home. For a half-hour more, we let them run before we decided it being pleasant enough to go for an hour to the park. I was catching my second wind.

Though some grandparents were generally monitoring from the sidelines, we were continuously moving with our grandkids. Lifting the toddler partway up a small slide and helping her slide down. Or pushing kiddie swings and merry-go-rounds.

Not a Timid Tessie, I held my granddaughter’s hand as she boldly crossed the jungle gym – though she had to step wider from rung to rung. And so it went.

Switching charges with Gramma, I raced the almost-five year-old up the playground tower and down the dual slide (becoming wedged halfway down). He urged me again and again to try to beat him. Zander was reminded of the time we fed ducks during the Pandemic outings (he was about 2). But the ducks were far less enthusiastic for duck feed, and there were more energetic children at the playground.

An hour later, Gramma and I hear no protests when we drive our charges, home to Mommy and Daddy. Which was about the same time my third endurance burst gave out. Passion, patience and endurance are all great virtues to learn and model.


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