Adieu to 22 and hello 2023

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Food and games, lots of laughter and catching up with old friends we have not seen in a couple years is a great way to spend New Years Eve. Among friends eager to wind up the holiday season (New Years resolutions of diets being such), A An uncomplicated menu: a potluck.

  • cheese and crackers
  • ham
  • take-out Chinese
  • homemade soup
  • homemade apple pie (apparently someone’s a holiday gift)
  • Peanut butter balls (my spouse’s trademark treat)
  • a mango cheesecake (using up ingredients from Christmas)

Living on the West Coast, the tradition of celebrating the New Year when New York City celebrates (9 PM local time) i means that the gray-haired among us get to bed at a reasonable hour, and our adult children have the option to attend another gathering with their peers. We, of course, choose the former.

Welcome to 2023.


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