the cooking year in review

January: Irish Soda Bread

image of home-baked soda bread warm from the oven.  Golden brown with raisins and cherries peeking from the top.
a favorite of my late mom (b 1/32)

February: muffins

fresh muffins for my Valentine

March: meringue

raspberries and blackberries top a
The Brits make meringue look difficult

April: Thai-d turkey burgers

Thai- inspired ground turkey burgers pan seared in iron skillet
Thai inspired ground turkey burgers seared in iron skillet

May: a little Greek to start the week

Spanikopita: 1st time at bat. A hit out of the ballpark

June: pork is smoking delicious

Smoked Pork Butt using a pellet smoker and apple wood

July: a different interpretation of pudding

Yorkshire pudding, a Mary Berry recipe

October: everything gets better with brisket

Smoked brisket before wrapping and finishing

November: smoked turkey and a picante squash

Butternut squash, Anejo chiles cassarole

December: bbq all year round

hickory smoked lamb shoulder


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