be the change you seek

Sitting in a vegan Thai restaurant that my friends and I have enjoyed with our wives many times in the last decade, it was a guy lunch this Sunday. It was an opportunity to catch up on how we are all enjoying our retirement. And we talked a little politics, electric vehicles, and history. Controversies which our wives dissuade us discussing when together. But we talked more of the sermon and the minister’s goals for the church. Though we were reminded from the pulpit to grow in our Faith by studying the Lord’s Word, the minister encouraged us to be men of deeds (James 2: 14 -26 NIV).

To be the change one seeks, each of us has to play a part. It was not our weakness in these areas that we decided to have lunch together, but rather that we encourage one another. When individually or in groups we act kindly and charitably toward one another, it builds connection. At a time when everything is driving people apart, we demonstrate the example set for us by Jesus Christ. Though mindful of our own shortcomings, we demonstrate that God exists, and offers Hope to all who will listen. The God who raised the dead, healed the addicted and strengthened the discouraged even now, will use us to revive others.


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