Comet’s several last-hurrahs

Comet’s lack of appetite may be due as much to the pain reliever as his arthritic hip and leg making it difficult to maneuver. Some mornings he is content to lay on the concrete and soak in the early morning sun. While he is less interested in going out for a walk generally, he still has the heart to go. Tonight, a lady with a young Rottweiler walked past our house. The Rottie barked. Dexter barked and pranced. Comet, forgetting his gimp leg, pranced a little as well.

Do dogs know their end is approaching? With his condition slowly deteriorating, should I plan Comet’s last hurrah – perhaps a trip to Dog Beach? On that last day, perhaps give him a Subway sandwich. The same type he was so fond of stealing from our youngest son when Comet first came to live with us. He may just want to delay the end to annoy Dexter just that much longer.


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