home cooking

Do you cook meals for your furry companions? I never thought I would. I spend good money on nutrition for them. In recent months we have added to their high-protein dry dog chow a purchased “dog log” – a refrigerated petfood sausage, canned tunafish (since both seemed very put out that we were adding a little tuna to the feral calico cat’s dish twice a day), or most recently, some Costco brand canned dogfood.

Times have changed. Some may recall I blogged that Comet last month suffered digestive issues, resulting in another trip to the vet (both Christmas and April cost us about $600-$700) After his recent bowel issues, the veterinarian recommended that Comet get cooked chicken for about a week. And this would allow prescribed supplements and anti-inflammatory medication to get him back to his old self. When I ran out of the chicken, I had some hamburger patties I defrosted and cooked for both dogs. (Dexter is not going to miss out on any treats.)

Needless to say, Comet is back to his old, comfortable-in-old-age, self. Going into the fridge – since I was already cooking chicken for us on the pellet smoker, I was intent to bake something for a sweet treat for the humans. A few eggs that were getting beyond refrigerated life, I scrambled and added to the dog supper.

I think you might enjoy the cookies I made for our guests this past weekend. Flourless chocolate cookies are good for the chocoholic as well as the gluten intolerant.

Double-Chocolate Cookies

This recipe for flourless cookies that uses chocolate chips, powdered sugar, an egg, some butter, pecans and dried, chopped tart cherries is an easy bake. And if you use parchment or a silicone baking mat, it makes for a very easy cleanup. Yes, the cookies came out just like the image here.



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