Breakfast tails and noses

I do not eat breakfast at home very often. Due to our early departure for work most mornings, when I have the leisure to eat at home, it is after attending to the needs of Dexter, Comet, and “the Cat”. While they have figured out the difference between a “work” day and a “leisure” day, their routine rarely changes. Dexter stares into my eyes and trembles. Comet uses a more European approach (very close to my face). Three sips along in my cup of coffee, or a few minutes of toast or cooked eggs, I am getting hustled. Both are urging me to give the “signal”: getting my shoes on or pocketing some poo bags. As for the calico, the neighborhood gopher-getter residing in our garage, she prefers using “guilt”. I thought this morning I could eat my breakfast, eggs and toast, and give her the demanded attention by just being there. Like the dogs, her needs trump my breakfast. After she jumped into my lap, I spent breakfast dodging her tail.

Some days, I miss rushing off to work.


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