Comet’s $600 burger Rx

January 2017
April 2022

The vet sent Comet home with pain medication, probiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs, while we wait the review of x-rays by an orthopedic surgeon. After the same vet performed a senior wellness check (with prescribed medications) on Comet for an illness last Christmas, he rebounded. This time, I had taken Comet to the vet because he was unable to tolerate any weight on his rear leg. With the medications and having eaten a few times, he’s feeling better. Today, Comet insisted on me taking him for two walks around our neighborhood and seems to be tolerating balancing on that troubled leg while peeing. However, it could be due to Costco-quality chicken thighs and hamburger patties. Lat night and again today, I was inspired to cook hamburger and leftover chicken to bulk up Comet’s diet. How will I ever go back to serving “dog” food?


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