Dexter and Comet, January 2017
Who are you calling old?

Looking at a few images that social media thought I might enjoy reminiscing, I am both encouraged and also wistful. Images of Dexter (not much changed in half a decade), and of Comet, quite a bit more youthful than the grey-muzzled fellow at my feet today. And images, of a middle-aged man looking more vigorous than the older man I see in my mirror today. When I see young fathers on the swings with their pre-school children or driving with their primary-school aged daughter in a two-cylinder-powered, “go-cart”, or a grandfather walking his grandson home from the K -12 school on the next block, I smile. Two years ago, five, or a forty-three-year-old memory I shared over lunch with my wife about Liberty Station, the former Naval Training Center in San Diego, memories make time seem less fleeting.

What Comet said. Who are you callin’ old?

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