Happy Thanksgiving

A neighbor delivering homemade cheesecakes to neighbors. My wife making her chocolate peanut butter ball treats will do the same. Delivering tables and chairs to two households we will spend the holiday visiting. An older man in a shabby coat and shoes, wishing me a happy Thanksgiving. Sharing good wishes for Thanksgiving to the clerk in the supermarket. A neighbor on her porch telling me to drop the bag of dog poop I was carrying, in her trashcan (it has been 21 years I have been walking dogs by her house). And talking with those I met today while running errands. Good will begets good will. I hope more will embrace this after a year of chaotic behavior, attitudes and labeling people into “us” and “them”.

Photo by HONG SON on Pexels.com

Whatever your options are to spend time together, let it be a time to give thanks for what we have received and to be mindful that there are those who may not as fortunate. Be a blessing to others regardless of your circumstances, and you will receive blessings in return.


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