what’s for dinner?

Having a birthday in the same week that has Thanksgiving in it is as challenging as those “misfortunate” ones who have birthdays on or near Christmas. What type of food do you choose knowing that turkey, ham, sweet potato, gravies, breads and pies are on the menu a couple days later? She decided we are going to have take-out. The ambiance at home will be the accompaniment of sons and grandchildren, and I am providing her favorite baked dessert, lemon custard cakes.

birthday dessert

Dexter and Comet are happy to be part of the celebration, as long as they do not pee on our patio – no “christening” the new concrete, you two! Dogs are not as discerning when it comes to birthdays or food. Well, regarding what they eat, they are a bit more finicky these days. One of Dexter’s favorite things added to the dog chow, is what we have nicknamed a “dog log”, a chicken-vegetable sausage, specially prepared for dogs that we get at Target. It was my wife’s decision to start adding wet food when it seemed that both dogs were having a little digestion issue earlier in the year. It might just be that they are both getting a little older. Dexter does not seem as concerned about birthdays since he is turning 12 in a matter of days. (Tommy brought him into the pack in January 2010, when he was just about two months old.) He does not act like an older dog nor does he look like an older dog. Comet, on the other hand, is an old dog. If it gets him out of walking long distances, he prefers it.


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