fur floats in interview

When you go in for a job interview, I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges.”

Jack Handey, American humorist

My dogs were interviewed this morning. I needed to board my two senior pals for a couple days while work is being done at my home next week, and the local “doggie daycare”, Camp Bow Wow, was the first I thought might take them. Advertising is all about creating an image which comes to mind when you see or hear the name. Having driven by, for years, a non-descript group of businesses near the intersection of a four lane road, a trolley crossing and our community airport, Gillespie Field, I knew exactly where I might board them. While they have never been boarded, I have routinely taken them for grooming and to the veterinarian – both of which they are eager to see. I was not too concerned that they might make a scene. I was more concerned that the wafts of dog hair (in spite of a thorough brushing this morning) might give the wrong impression. And I was concerned that Dexter might make a ‘splash’ . He has a proclivity for peeing copious amounts at one time because he inhales water all day long.

Camp Bow Wow is delightful. And that is based only on first impressions chatting with the reception specialist. They required an interview process before taking in new clients. And that was the reason for our visit today. I had filled out a packet of information on each of them that was sent by email, and was supposed to arrive with their vaccinations and licensing information. Thankfully, my wife, who had been recovering from the effects of yesterday’s shingles vaccine, was able to bring the packet I left on my desk. The sign of a good man is not so much the attitude and behavior of his canine pals, but more his spouse who will help him when not feeling her best.

But back to the interview. While one might expect Dexter and Comet to be hesitant when being assessed for their fitness among Camp Bow Wow’s “campers” by the employees, it was actually that they passed muster with the facility’s other furry clients. For the first fifteen minutes, I remained in the lobby watching video monitors where I could watch Dexter and Comet interact by themselves with the employees in a holding area. And then they were introduced to “campers” one at a time. Dexter immediately others delighted to play. Comet took a little longer but cautiously optimistic, he was wagging his tail. A second part of the interview process was for the dogs to spend a minimum of three hours in their facility becoming acclimated. Around noon, I came to retrieve them. Now that my “Campers” have the stamp of approval, and have certificates bearing a happy photo, we are now scheduled for ‘overnight camp’ next week.

And they will get pampered before we pick them up. A full-service doggie bath and clip. Of course, that is an extra service, but our regular groomer is booked a minimum of two weeks out this month. Happy clients make successful businesses. In any pet-centered enterprise, fur floats when having fun.


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